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AFBC Articles of Interest, July 2016

The following is a selection of articles from various sources relating to Fiji. Opinions and information expressed in these articles are the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Business Council or its members.

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27th July - Pacific Island links – Lowy Interpreter  - By Harriet Smith

•Speakers at the Pacific Update conference were optimistic about the  Fijian economy, noting economic resurgence reflected in the country's 2016-17 budget.

•Fiji’s police commissioner opened the fourth in a series of workshops on gender-based violence (run by the Women’s Crisis Centre), saying it was essential police learn how to tackle this endemic issue.

22nd July
- Principled engagement: Rebuilding defence ties with Fiji  - By Anna Powles and Jose Sousa-Santos, The Lowy Institute for International Policy.


The geopolitics of the Pacific Islands region is changing, including the emergence of the new Pacific regionalism. The traditional regional security orthodoxy is also changing. The Russian arms deal to Fiji has underlined the extent to which Australia and New Zealand face competition for access and influence from external players in their relations with Fiji. Since the normalisation of relations in 2014, Australia and New Zealand have pursued a soft approach to engagement. Australia’s and New Zealand’s response to Cyclone Winston offered an opportunity to re-engage with Fiji’s military and test the potential for increased defence diplomacy. It is time for Australia and New Zealand to undertake a principled rebuilding of defence ties with Fiji. 

21st July
- Fijian villages hit by Cyclone Winston to be aided by volunteers training in Tasmania -Radio Australia

Fifteen young Fijian men and women are visiting Tasmania to learn how to build and install wastewater systems in the villages. The trip is being led by former Wallaby forward Ilie Tabua.

19th July
- Fiji's high rates of domestic violence compounded by Cyclone Winston, activist says -Radio Australia


Fiji has one of the highest levels of domestic violence in the world, but its Prime Minister is among those speaking up for empowering women at a time when the effect of natural disaster casts a pall over the nation.

21st June
 - Asia’s Rising Prosperity, Climate Change Taking Toll on Food Security - Asian Development Bank Report. 

By 2025, the total population of Asia and the Pacific region should reach about 4.4 billion. And over the next 40 years. ADB has committed $2 billion annually for nutritious, safe, and affordable food in Asia and the Pacific.


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