Caleb Jarvis appointed General Manager, Pacific Trade Invest network

Jun 10, 2024 | 2024, Blog, News

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia has announced the appointment of Caleb Jarvis as the General Manager of the global PTI network. After 12 years of exemplary service as the Trade Commissioner, Caleb’s new role will see him overseeing the operations of PTI offices in Australia, China, Europe, Japan, and New Zealand.

His extensive experience and visionary leadership are expected to unify the efforts across these regions, driving impactful commercial outcomes for Pacific businesses. PTI is the Pacific region’s leading trade and investment facilitation agency, dedicated to improving the livelihoods of Pacific people by fostering economic growth and sustainable development.

With a mission to support Pacific businesses in accessing global markets, PTI offers services in trade, investment, and tourism, aiming to create positive social and economic impacts across the region. Caleb’s tenure as Trade Commissioner was marked by significant achievements, including innovative private sector projects and strategic initiatives that bolstered trade and investment between the Pacific islands and Australia.

His leadership played a crucial role in navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring continued support for Pacific businesses during uncertain times.

Jeremy Grennell

Jeremy Grennell

The PTI network’s commitment to the Pacific region is further strengthened by the appointment of Jeremy Grennell as the Acting Trade Commissioner at PTI Australia. Jeremy brings a wealth of experience in international sales and export strategy, promising a seamless transition and continued support for Pacific Island businesses.

As Caleb steps into his new role, PTI looks forward to leveraging his expertise to drive further success and development across the Pacific. His leadership will be pivotal in achieving PTI’s mission of enhancing trade, investment, and tourism, ultimately contributing to the prosperity and well-being of Pacific communities. For more information about PTI and its initiatives, visit the official PTI Australia website .