Membership of the Australia Fiji Business Council

Join the Council to access exclusive news, offers and networks in Australia and Fiji.

Membership of the Council is essential for any Australian company doing business in Fiji, or looking to do so. Membership is open to any company or individual who supports the Council’s goals.

Key Benefits


  • First invitation to participate in exclusive events, meetings and missions coordinated by the AFBC
  • Exclusive news and updates on topics relating to Fiji and Council activities.
  • Access to a strong business network of members with well established knowledge of and experience in the Pacific region.




How much does membership cost?


There are three classes of membership available for businesses or individuals to join the Council. These are:


Sponsor Member – $2090 per annum (including GST)
A body (whether a corporation or an unincorporated body) engaged in or otherwise interested in trade and commerce between Australia and Fiji and which carries on business in Australia and Fiji.


Corporate Member  – $1050 per annum (including GST)
A business or person engaged in trade and commerce between Australia and Fiji or in Fiji.


Associate Member – $600 per annum (including GST)
Only companies with less than four employees are eligible for this class of membership. An Associate Member may only receive limited services from the Council, and has no rights to participate in the management of the Council as an Executive Committee member or to vote at general meetings of the Council.




How do I join?


New Membership enquiries are welcome, you can join any or all of the Business Councils. To register your interest in joining the AFBC, please download the membership form and send to us.


A copy of the Council’s constitution is also available for download here.


Payment is accepted via Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club and AMEX) Direct Deposits


If you have any enquiries about membership or payment, please contact our team or call +61 (0) 7 3348 5142




Where can I find more information?


You can learn more about the activities of the Australia Fiji Business Council and what it can offer you as a member by exploring the different areas of this website and following us on social. Our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn profiles can be found at the footer of this page. Please note that some areas and articles are not accessible to non-members, you can unlock these areas by becoming a member.






  • Your membership is valid for 365 days from the day the invoice is sent by the Council with payment due within 7 days. Each member company is then billed annually for their membership.
  • Members can cancel their membership at any time, we do not provide a refund on membership fees that have been paid at any time. We encourage you to contact the Secretariat if you have any concerns regarding membership
  • Payment is accepted via credit card, direct deposit or cheque in AUD.