Becoming the Pacific’s Hub: Fiji and E-Commerce

May 5, 2017 | Blog

In February, the Fijian government announced the commencement of various legislative amendments and international instruments, aimed at streamlining the way business is conducted. The changes came off the back of a concerted effort by the Government in 2016 to put modern e-commerce on the policy agenda, including the drafting of the Self Regulating Guideline for E-Commerce Business in Fiji[1]. These suite of changes will align Fiji with more developed economies, making it much easier to do business in Fiji and promoting investor security. By aligning economic and business practices with internationally accepted frameworks Fiji has presented established businesses with new opportunities to expand and modernise processes, while also opening the growing economy to foreign enterprises looking for the perfect place to set up shop in the Pacific.

The integration of the UN Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts 2005 (Convention), as well as amendments to Fiji’s anti-money laundering legislation confirms that Fiji continues to be compliant with international best practices, ensuring businesses and individuals have access to a safe, efficient and transparent marketplace. The changes represent new opportunities for businesses not already trading in Fiji, as well as improving the efficacy of trade for businesses already operating and trading in Fiji.

Key Points

  • The Fijian government has passed a suite of changes that look to assist in the continued modernisation of the Fijian economy.
  • Chief among these is Fiji’s accession to the UN Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts, and changes to the Electronic Transactions Act and Financial Transactions Act.
  • The changes bring Fiji in line with international best practice guidelines with the intent of promoting ease of transactions and transparency.
  • The Fiji Commerce Commission has released a Draft Self regulating Guideline for E-Commerce Business in Fiji to help standardise e-commerce trade in Fiji.

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Image Credit: Business News Daily.