AFBC Member Profile: Pacific Islands International

Jul 18, 2023 | Blog, News

Pacific Islands International (PII), founded in 1998, serves as a reliable and all-encompassing solution for the building and construction requirements of the Pacific Islands. With offices in Australia and China, PII possesses a global reach for sourcing materials and products, catering to diverse industries and representing renowned manufacturers from Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. With over 40 years of expertise, PII offers extensive export solutions to Fiji, combining top-notch products and materials with a welcoming, amicable, and family-oriented service provided by the dedicated PII Team.

PII assists its clients in sourcing goods and services, with a focus on benefiting local companies and keeping the generated revenue within Fiji. Moreover, PII actively seeks out materials manufactured in Fiji that can be exported to other Pacific island communities, contributing to the growth of the Fijian economy.

PII has implemented this strategy successfully, leading to the appointment of a dedicated Export Manager and Export Officer for Fiji. Additionally, recognising the importance of the Pacific region, PII has recently hired a fulltime Business Development Manager with over a decade’s experience in the Fijian building sector to oversee the company’s involvement in the Pacific and drive further growth in the region.

Navigating challenges

Maintaining economic stability in countries with impending government elections or transitions can be a complex task. Various factors such as language, telecommunications, cultural differences, and social issues can contribute to the overall challenge. However, PII has established a strong reputation in the Pacific region over the years, making the company well-versed in understanding and navigating these challenges. “We strive to overcome obstacles in the most effective manner possible, ensuring that our clients achieve the best possible outcomes,” says Business Development Manager Sam Raciti.

Recovering from the pandemic downturn

The team at PII demonstrated remarkable resilience throughout the pandemic, as it had to maintain constant communication with suppliers, logistics partners, and the client base. The ever-changing supply chain required it to stay ahead of the curve to uphold the company’s six core values of Connection, Customer Service, Dependability, Efficiency, Family Values, and Quality. Despite travel restrictions preventing the team from going abroad, it turned inward and initiated a complete rebranding effort, giving PII a rejuvenated appearance as it emerged from the challenges posed by Covid-19.

We have a positive outlook as we are experiencing a steady influx of project inquiries across various sectors of the economy. This growth is being fuelled by private equity investments, government initiatives, and foreign aid programs. As a result, Pacific Islands International is in a favourable position to accommodate this anticipated growth. We have significantly expanded our team in the past six months to meet the increasing demand and ensure seamless delivery of services.

Supporting the Business Council and. events

PII feels strongly about supporting the forthcoming 27th Fiji Business Forum in Sydney in August and the Infrastructure Conference in Brisbane in September. PII encourages businesses involved in Fiji and the Pacific Islands to join in and embrace the learning outcomes and initiatives that are discussed at these events.

PII’s Business Development Manager Sam Raciti will be representing the company at the Fiji Business Forum in August and he will be managing the PII booth at the Infrastructure Conference in Brisbane in September alongside two other delegates at the event.