Fiji Airways broadens North American access with Porter Airlines

Apr 19, 2024 | Blog, News

Fiji Airways has announced a strategic interline agreement with Toronto-based Porter Airlines, enhancing passenger connectivity between North America and the Pacific. This collaboration marks a significant expansion for Fiji Airways into the North American market and streamlines travel for Porter Airlines’ passengers seeking access to Fiji and other Pacific destinations served by Fiji Airways.

The agreement facilitates seamless travel arrangements for passengers, allowing them to book a single ticket for travel from airports serviced by Porter Airlines and connect onto Fiji Airways flights departing from Vancouver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. This partnership comes as Fiji Airways observes robust passenger demand from North America, with bookings from the region constituting the second-largest group of visitors to Fiji in 2023.

Andre Viljoen, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Fiji Airways, highlights the importance of this collaboration in providing convenient travel options for guests, particularly those originating from various cities within North America to catch Fiji Airways flights.

The interline agreement with Porter Airlines opens up new travel possibilities for families and travellers across Canada and the United States, making Fiji an accessible holiday destination. Viljoen emphasises the seamless travel experience for passengers, where Porter Airlines ensures hassle-free luggage transfers from one check-in counter to another, enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.

With a fleet exceeding 60 aircraft, Porter Airlines offers services to over 30 destinations throughout Canada and the United States, operating from key hubs located in Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, and Halifax. Travellers embarking on Fiji-Porter itineraries have the opportunity to make connections in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Vancouver.

Edmond Eldebs, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Porter Airlines, acknowledges the significance of this partnership in offering passengers seamless connections between Fiji Airways and Porter at key locations along the West Coast of North America.

Fiji Airways and Porter Airlines have strategically aligned to enhance passenger connectivity and streamline travel experiences, bridging the gap between North America and the Pacific with seamless travel solutions. This partnership not only expands Fiji Airways’ global reach but also reinforces Porter Airlines’ commitment to offering convenient travel options for its passengers across North America.