Fiji Immigration introduces Priority Work Permit applications

Jun 12, 2024 | 2024, Blog, News

According to a KPMG Fiji report dated 6 June, the Fiji Immigration Department (FID) has announced a new initiative aimed at streamlining the process for obtaining work permits. The introduction of priority work permit applications is expected to expedite the approval process for certain categories of applicants.

Priority work permit applications will be available to applicants sponsored by employers listed on the Qualified Employers List and work permit renewals for 2024 where both the employer and employee remain unchanged.

These priority applications will benefit from exemptions on several requirements, including the necessity to justify why the position cannot be filled by a Fiji citizen, providing copies of advertisements for vacancies, and detailing training programs and project agreements.

Despite the streamlined process, priority applications must still meet all other criteria for acceptance. The FID emphasizes that priority processing does not guarantee approval of the application.

Qualified Employers List

The Director of Immigration has also published a list of Qualified Employers on the Immigration Department’s website. This list includes employers who:

  • Frequently or in high volumes sponsor work permit applications.
  • Have a proven track record of correctly completing necessary documentation and adhering to permit conditions.
  • Can satisfactorily meet documentation requirements for both short-term and long-term work permits and comply with all permit conditions.
  • Hold current Tax Compliance Certificates as required by the Tax Administration Act 2009.
  • Have not employed individuals who have breached permit conditions or laws in Fiji or any other country.

The Qualified Employers List will be updated regularly, and employers can request to be included by writing to the Director of Immigration. Additionally, applications sponsored by a Qualified Employer can be submitted through an agent, provided the agent is also a Qualified Employer.

The new measures aim to enhance the efficiency of Fiji’s immigration processes and support the country’s economic growth by ensuring timely issuance of work permits to qualified applicants.