Fiji’s Economy Set to Surge, Deputy PM Kamikamica says

Aug 9, 2023 | Blog, News

In a significant announcement, Fiji’s economic trajectory is forecasted to experience a remarkable upswing, with a projected 8 per cent growth in the current year, followed by a steady ascent of 3.4 per cent in 2024 and a subsequent 3 per cent in 2025. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Manoa Kamikamica, conveyed this promising outlook during his address at the inauguration of global consulting major KPMG’s new office in Nadi.

Fiji Deputy Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica.

Kamikamica, in his capacity as Deputy Prime Minister, underscored the significance of entities like KPMG in fortifying the nation’s economic landscape. He highlighted the indispensable role that KPMG and similar firms play in delivering financial solutions while upholding standards of integrity. This symbiotic relationship hinges on nurturing enduring connections founded on trust, he said.

The inauguration of KPMG’s state-of-the-art office in Nadi, an investment totalling $6 million, was underscored by Kamikamica as a testament to KPMG’s confidence and commitment to advancing Fiji’s economic diversification. He  emphasised the significance of Nadi’s Martintar district, renowned as a vibrant entertainment hub catering to both locals and tourists. The newly opened KPMG office expands the district’s sophisticated offerings, a triumph worthy of jubilation, he added.

Kamikamica stressed the dynamism of the financial landscape, urging them to engrain a steadfast dedication to tailoring financial services that cater to the distinct requisites of individuals, small enterprises, and corporations. He implored them to remain steadfast in their role as purveyors of sound advice and guidance, facilitating well-informed decisions that shape their clients’ financial destinies.

Lisa Apted, Managing Partner of KPMG Fiji, expressed the firm’s enthusiasm at hosting the inauguration of this cutting-edge office space. The meticulously designed facility boasts unparalleled client engagement amenities, employee workspaces, and noteworthy cultural attributes. Apted affirmed the firm’s resolute focus on bolstering clients’ business triumphs, underpinned by spaces that prioritize the well-being and productivity of their personnel.

Kamikamica will deliver a keynote address the Australia Fiji Business Forum in Sydney later this month, hosted by the Australia Fiji Business Council.