FMF Group unveils F$220m hotel project with Rydges Australia

Mar 8, 2024 | Blog, News

Hari Punja & Sons Limited, the cornerstone of Fiji’s FMF Group (Flour Mills of Fiji), renowned for its diverse interests spanning from food manufacturing to real estate development, is set to make waves in the tourism sector. FMF Foods, a subsidiary of Hari Punja & Sons, has long been a household name in Fiji, known for its iconic brands and widespread distribution networks both in Fiji and the Pacific Islands region.

The F$220 million investment in the lavish hotel project in Wailoaloa, Nadi, represents a bold move for the conglomerate, signalling its intent to diversify further into high-end hospitality. With Fiji facing a shortage of approximately 5000 hotel rooms, the initiative is not only a business venture but also a strategic response to a pressing national need.

FMF Group Chairman Hari Punja.

Chairman Hari Punja, a stalwart in Fiji’s business community, has always been at the forefront of pioneering endeavours. His vision for the hotel project aligns with the group’s commitment to contributing to Fiji’s economic development while catering to the growing tourism industry.

The partnership with Rydges Australia adds another layer of credibility to the venture. Rydges, a well-respected name in the hospitality industry, brings its expertise in managing upscale properties to the table. Their involvement ensures that the future Rydges Wailoaloa will meet international standards of luxury and service excellence.

What sets this project apart is its emphasis on authenticity and local integration. Drawing inspiration from Fijian culture and aesthetics, the resort promises a unique experience that celebrates the island nation’s heritage. This approach resonates with FMF Group’s ethos of embracing local traditions and values.

Norman Arundel, Director of Hotels & Resorts at EVT, underscores the significance of this collaboration. EVT, a key player in Fiji’s tourism landscape, recognises the potential of Rydges Wailoaloa to elevate the country’s hospitality offerings and attract discerning travellers seeking immersive experiences.

Tourism Fiji’s endorsement further solidifies the project’s strategic importance. With Wailoaloa Beach chosen as the site for the resort, the stage is set for a synergistic relationship between natural beauty and luxury hospitality. The upcoming Tourism Investment Summit promises to provide a platform for stakeholders to explore avenues for sustainable growth in the sector.

Beyond addressing Fiji’s accommodation challenges, the ambitious project represents a beacon of hope for economic revitalisation and cultural enrichment. With the opening slated for late 2026, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a game-changer in Fiji’s tourism landscape.