Tenders and Notices/ Noro Port Wharves

Sep 9, 2023 | News

Procurement Notice

Design of Noro Port International and Domestic Wharves – SIIP/09/C1
Design of Buala Wharf – SIIP/14/C1

SIIP will shortly be calling tenders for the designs of new wharves at Noro Port, Western Province, and in Buala, the provincial capital of Isabel Province.

The work at the international wharf at Noro Port will involve the rehabilitation of the existing rc deck, plus a new 60m extension. Two new mooring dolphins will also be required, as well as reclamation works, and provision of utility services. There will also be the requirement to design a new, separate wharf to cater for domestic shipping, with improvements to landside facilities.

The work at Buala will involve the design of a new wharf for inter-island ships.

The scope of services at both Noro and Buala will include engagement with stakeholders, consideration of climate change and social and environmental safeguards, and the preparation of concept, and preliminary and detailed designs.

Tender documents for the designs for above wharves will be issued in the next one to two months. Adverts will be placed in local newspapers and the ‘AusConnect’ website, with the tender documents available to download free of charge from the SIIP website.

All enquires to tenders@siip.com.sb