Tourism sector thrives with F$1.3 Billion new investments

Feb 20, 2024 | Blog, News

Tourism remains a key sector for investment, with several projects worth F$1.3 billion currently under way, as revealed by Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism Minister Viliame Gavoka during the 2023 ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards gala dinner recently.

This event celebrated the outstanding performance of various tourist operators in 2023, with notable winners including Malolo Island Resort, South Sea Cruises, and the VOU Dance Group.

Fiji Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism Minister Viliame Gavoka.

Mr. Gavoka expressed excitement for the upcoming year and highlighted numerous projects in development. These include the recent opening of Waya Island Resort and the Hari Punja Group of Companies’ announcement of a 258-room hotel project in Wailoaloa. Additionally, he mentioned the imminent expansion of FIJI Water, along with their venture into commercial agriculture.

Looking ahead, Mr. Gavoka mentioned plans for the construction of two more high-end properties, scheduled to commence in June, with further investments expected to bolster the sector. Despite the post-COVID successes for the hospitality industry, he also urged caution, emphasizing the need to address challenges such as skill shortages and capacity constraints.

Acknowledging the need for sustained effort, Mr. Gavoka stressed the importance of investing in products, personnel, and services, with a particular emphasis on environmental conservation.

During the awards ceremony, attended by 700 operators and stakeholders, he highlighted significant progress in the sector’s journey toward sustainability and equity.

One notable milestone mentioned was the upcoming launch of the Fiji Sustainable Tourism Framework in April. This framework aims to guide sustainability initiatives within the tourism sector, ensuring practices are environmentally sound, culturally sensitive, and socially equitable.