Joint Councils’ trade delegation impressed with potential in Samoa, Fiji

Feb 20, 2024 | Uncategorized

Members of the Australia Pacific Islands Business Council and the Australia Fiji Business Council joined the Trade & Investment Queensland’s trade mission to Samoa and Fiji. The Business Councils’ Executive Director Frank Yourn shared insights from the mission with the Councils’ communications team. He said the delegation was impressed by Samoa’s potential for business growth. The direct flight from Brisbane to Samoa has eased accessibility, signalling increased opportunities for bilateral trade. He highlighted Samoa’s capable private sector and the proactive Chamber of Commerce as key assets for fostering economic partnerships.

A roundtable meeting with the Chamber facilitated discussions on investment and collaboration, with a focus on leveraging international connections for mutual benefit. Challenges such as connectivity issues and shipping costs were also addressed, emphasising the need for innovative solutions. Mr Yourn expressed optimism for enhanced economic relations between Queensland and Samoa, fuelled by collaboration and strategic investments.

Mr Yourn commended the leadership of the mission, highlighting the extensive international experience of TIQ CEO Justin McGowan and the notable contributions of Senior Trade Commissioner Leata Alaimoana. He expressed confidence in Alaimoana’s effective use of her connections in Samoa, foreseeing a positive impact on the economic relationship between Queensland and Samoa. Mr Yourn acknowledged the complexity of the challenges ahead but expressed optimism about the potential for significant progress.

On the visit to Fiji he said the country’s potential for economic development was great. Discussions with the Fiji Australia Business Council and investment stakeholders highlighted bilateral business issues and challenges facing Fiji’s business sector. Mr Yourn addressed concerns about labour shortages and market issues, underscoring the need for solutions to maintain a skilled workforce. The visit included meetings with investment stakeholders and discussions on potential partnerships, showcasing opportunities for mutual growth.

Mr Yourn also visited key facilities in Fiji, including a ginger processing centre and a flight training academy, highlighting Fiji’s capacity for innovation and technical expertise. The visit concluded with optimism for future collaborations and investments in Fiji’s burgeoning economy.

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